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Miners Mint


Men’s grooming has gotten rather large over the past couple of years. Back in the day it used to be men didn’t talk about their grooming habits in the bathroom. Men didn’t exchange shaving tips or sitmodcabin_29569210664_o around and talk about which shaving cream they liked best. You didn’t see or hear of men sitting around discussing why they shave in the shower. Men also never, never, never openly admitted to using their wife’s or girlfriends products in the bathroom, but we all knew it happened, we just didn’t openly admit to it. Those days are long past us now and men’s grooming has turned into an entity that’s just as big as our favorite female companions grooming routine is. It’s now very normal for couples to share some of the same products and counter space in the bathroom and sometimes it’s the man who has the most grooming products compared to his counter part.

When it comes to men’s grooming there are a lot of websites that offer lots of products. Most websites you find offer a gauntlet of products ranging from razors to shaving soaps and creams modcabin_29569206714_owith all the accessories needed for a great shave. There are also websites that cater to our fine bearded gentleman and specialize in beard care products to keep that beard soft and healthy looking but also carry other shaving products for the non bearded gentleman. I personally love beard care products and what they offer your shaving routine and skin care regimen. If you don’t have some kind of skin care regimen you should because shaving causes trauma to your skin no matter how good your products are. Anytime you run a razor across your face you’re hurting your skin. If you are not properly taking care of your skin it will start to show over time. I’m not saying you havemodcabin_29902516140_o to start using a lot of extra products, but by adding some aftershave or moisturizer to your routine you’re increasing the healthiness and longevity of your skin every time, especially if the products you are using contain some natural ingredients.

TheModCabin.Com is a website that specializes in beard care products but also carries items for moustache care and maintenance along with other shaving products for men who don’t sport the bearded look. They carry a variety of products all branded with the Mod Cabin name to fit many grooming needs. The Mod Cabin carries all their owmodcabin_29569216104_on products that are handcrafted in small batches with all natural ingredients to ensure a quality product every time. Some brands say all natural ingredients and when you look at the list on the back there might be one or two and the rest are all chemical based. This is not the case for The Mod Cabin. When they say all natural they mean all natural. Their products do not contain parabens, phthalates, sulfates or synthetic dyes that can lead to skin irritation. It’s the all natural way all the time with The Mod Cabin products. The Mod Cabin carries all natural products for the individual that’s looking to add value to their skin care regimen and shaving routine.

Products from The Mod Cabin add value and quality to each shave


I just couldn’t wait for my package from TheModCabin.Com to arrive on my door step. I get excited over new shaving products. It’s the unknown that I look forward to. The unknown of how your new shaving products will feel on your skin and what kindmodcabin_29569189213_o of shave they provide. I also look forward to the unknown of whether these new shaving products will compliment other products when used together or will they just work well together. Once I received my much anticipated box from The Mod Cabin I opened it up and found one 6 oz. bar of Miner’s Mint Soap. A 2 oz. glass jar of Miner’s Mint shave oil, 2 oz. glass jar of Miner’s Mint Toner and Aftershave Face Tonic and a 3 oz. tin of Miner’s Mint aftershave balm. I was definitely looking forward to trying this shaving routine for myself and I was glad I did.

I started my shaving routine off with the Miner’s Mint shave Oil. It comes in a 2 oz. brown tinted glass bottle with a sprayer type pump lid. With natural essential oils direct exposure to light for a certain length of time will change the consistency of the oil and it may become less effective. That’s why The Mod Cabin decided to store it in a dark tinted glass bottle preserving the quality while modcabin_29902517740_oproviding you with an oil that adds value to your shaving routine. Five to ten pumps is all I needed to coat the skin on my dome and face. The oil has a nice consistency that falls in between thin and thick. It’s thin but not runny. I applied and massaged it into my skin quickly absorbing it leaving behind a nice supple glow. I washed my hands and there was no greasy residue left over. This shave oil is All natural and contains organic ingredients. Absolutely no parabens, phthalates, or SLS are used when making this shave oil. The Miners Mint shave oil contains meadowfoam seed oil, rice bran oil, avocado oil, jojoba Oil and an essential oil blend. These natural oils have several benefits for your skin such as soothing inflamed areas caused by sunburn, bug bites and stings, helping the skin fight eczema and psoriasis, moisturizing and increasing suppleness. These are just a few examples out of the many. You can find more benefits online by searching for the benefits of each ingredient listed.

One of the main reasons I was looking forward to trying the Miner’s Mint shave soap is because it’s a powerful all purpose soap. You can use it to keep your beard and body nice and clean while nourishing your skin with natural pure essential oils. This soap is verymodcabin_29569206464_o functional meaning you can wash your hands with it, then use it in the shower to wash your beard and body while finishing up with a great shave from the same bar of soap that you used to wash your hands, beard and body with. That’s one soap to do it all, and all of it’s done with a soap that’s made of all natural oils for an all natural cleanliness that is good for your skin and your health as well as for the environment too. I decided to bloom the Miner’s Mint bar soap for about 15 minutes in hot water to get a creamier lather right away. After 15 minutes I drained the soapy water into a separate container for later use. Instead of adding more water from the faucet you want to use themodcabin_30083713162_o soapy water you save from blooming. This soapy water helps create a creamier lather.

I started rotations of my hard bristled shave brush on the surface of the soap that was soft and compliant. The lather started to build right away into a pre-lather that took less than two minutes to turn into a shave ready lather that was rich and creamy. I loaded the bristles of my brush with a thick and robust lather that felt  smooth on my skin and provided a nice cushion with a lot of sickness for a comfortable shave. My razor glided across my skin with nice fluid strokes every time. modcabin_29569187813_oThe post shave end feel was fantastic, my skin felt supple and soft. The Miner’s Mint shave soap is all natural with organic ingredients and does not contain parabens, phthalates or SLS. Some of the natural and organic ingredients that it does contain is saponified olive oil, saponified coconut oil, saponified castor bean oil and pure essential oils. These natural ingredients are antibacterial and antifungal, a natural exfoliant and can help soften and heal dry and cracked skin through moisturization. These natural ingredients can also help your skin fight eczema and psoriasis, reduce wrinkles by encouraging the production of collagen in your skin filling out wrinkles. The Miner’s Mint shave soap also contains natural glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant that attracts moisture increasing the softness of the skin.

After my nightly shave was done I followed it up with the Miner’s Mint Toner and Aftershave Face Tonic. This aftershave tonic also comes modcabin_29569210554_oin a 2 oz. brown tinted glass bottle with sprayer type lid to preserve and protect the natural ingredients used to make this product. The sprayer pump type lid makes it even easier to use since the aftershave comes out in a mist. Just a couple of pumps is all you need to create a mist that cotes and dries quickly into your skin without any greasy residue left over. The Miner’s Mint aftershave tonic contains all natural ingredients such as aloe vera juice, witch hazel (alcohol free), essential oil blend that’s helps tone and tighten the skin fighting the signs of aging. These natural ingredients also help fight and kill bacteria caused from razor burn, cuts and scrapes. The Miner’s Mint aftershave tonic is a perfect addition to any shaving routine.

last but not least I put the final touches on with the Miner’s Mint all natural and handcrafted aftershave balm that comes in a 3 oz. tin with a twist on/off lid. This aftershave balm was very soft in consistency and easy to use. The soft consistency of modcabin_29569211084_othis balm made applying it to my skin effortless. I swiped my finger softly across the top of the balm and easily obtained a small amount that I transferred into the palm of my hands. The heat from the palms of my hands warmed the balm into an even softer state making it easy to massage into the skin on my dome and face soaking in quickly leaving my skin looking soft and supple with a nice glow and smooth finish. The Miner’s Mint aftershave balm contains organic shea butter, rice bran oil and essential oil blend to keep your skin soft, smooth and healthy. A perfect aftershave balm for a perfect shave routine with perfect shaving products.

Final Thoughts


What are my final thoughts on the Miner’s Mint shaving products from TheModCabin.Com? A great shave from great shaving products. The Miner’s Mint pre shave oil has a nice consistency that provides a lot of slickness to every shave. The Miner’s Mint shave soap is a multifunctional soap than can be utilized in the shower as well as for shavingmodcabin_29569186973_o. It has a nice creamy lather providing a great cushion for your razor to glide across your skin with nice fluid strokes. With a couple of pumps The Face Tonic Toner and Aftershave Mist cleans and tones your skin while keeping it nice and cool at the same time. The aftershave balm is soft and easy to apply leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. All of the Miner’s Mint shave products contain all natural ingredients that have a lot of skin care benefits. If you’re looking for a great shave of the day or a great shaving routine every day then the Miner’s Mint shaving products from TheModCabin.Com is just what you are looking for. The Miner’s Mint shaving products are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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Royal Shave

Get a Royal Shave with Royal Shave Products!


I love putting together shave routines. I like deciding what products to use and seeing which ones work well together. I also like shave kits and the idea behind buying shave kits. You buy a group of shaving products for one price and use them together, or, you break the kit down and mix the products in with your other products. The big royalshave_30761125435_oselling point of a shave kit is that you get the whole shebang for a lower cost than you would by buying each product separately. There are many websites now that sell shave kits along with products sold separately. Some websites are specifically brand sold meaning they only sell their brand of shaving kits or shaving products. Then there are websites that sell shaving products from different brands. These are the websites that you can find anything you need from multiple brands. Last but not least there are websites that sell shaving products from different brands and then they also carry their own brand of shaving products and kits as well.

The last website I described is exactly the kind of site that RoyalShave.Com is. They carry different shaving products from different brands ranging from creams, soaps, bowls, brushes along with safety razors and straight razors. They even carry accessories galore to fit a lot of your shaving needs. Royal Shave also carries their own brand of shaving equipment and accessories asroyalshave_30738656796_o well. Anything you want you can find on RoyalShave.Com and believe me they carry a lot. I found RoyalShave.Com through social media and visited their site. I like the way they have their site set up. It’s very easy to navigate and they do carry a lot of product. You could spend a lot of time on their website without getting bored. I decided to contact them and they answered right away in a timely and friendly manner. Their customer service is exceptional. Any questions I had before and after my package arrived were quickly answered in a professional matter. I know there are a lot of websites you can visit to purchase shaving gear but I urge you to check out they sell quality shaving products from brands you will recognize. It’s definitely worth your time.

Quality Products for Your Shaving Routine


I received in the mail a package containing shaving items branded with the Royal Shave logo. When first opening the box the items came in at first glance you could see that the products were of higher quality which says a lot about their company. They are not just selling products, they are selling quality products that royalshave_30460459650_owill last a long time adding value to your shave every time. When I use shaving products of higher quality it makes me appreciate my shaving routine more. I take more time and enjoy the ritual rather than hurry through it just to get the job done. A slow shave is a good shave with less irritation which is always a good thing. I was excited and very eager to get started using these products to see how they performed in use. Sometimes looks can be deceiving. A product may look of higher quality but as soon as you use it you realize it’s not as it seems. That’s not the case with the shaving products from Royal Shave, it was quality all the way during each shave.

I received a safety razor and brush stand with a height of 5.9 inches. This stand has a sleek and polished chrome finish. The center mast has a nice knurling on it to keep it from slipping out of your hands while moving it. The brush opening is 29 mm so most of your brushes will fit with no problem. The razor opening is 13mm and will fitroyalshave_30460460170_o most of your standard safety razors. Some safety razors will even hang upside down depending on what kind of handle it has. The whole stand is tip resistant through a weighted base. I like this feature because I’m a little clumsy and have a bad habit of knocking over my stands if they are not weighted. The weighted base keeps the stand sitting in one place and stops it from moving when putting on or taking off your razor and brush. This makes the stand substantial and along with the sleek polished chrome finish it also makes this stand look classy. This stand accommodates most brushes unless you have one that has an oversized handle. I tried many different brushes and they all fit perfectly.

I also received the RoyalShave PB3 Silvertip Badger Hair shave brush made from black Acrylic high grade resin with a vase shaped ergonomic and easy to grip handle. The total height of this brush is 112mm. The handle height is 54mm. The bristle knot isroyalshave_30474636380_o 23mm. The bristles are very soft and dome shaped at the top to help build lather. I soaked this brush in warm water for 15 minutes to loosen and bloom the bristles like a flower. Once the bristles were ready I then started to work up a nice thick and creamy lather that loaded up the silvertip bristles and applied it to the skin of my dome and face. The silvertip badger hair bristles felt soft and smooth on my head and face. I rotated the bristles of this brush in a circular motion leaving behind a thick layer of lather ready to shave. The PB3 Silvertip Badger Hair shave brush is also very easy to keep clean. Simply rinse the bristles out and hang it up to dry.

The Royal Shave black ceramic shave bowl that came with this kit is on the smaller side but very functional and has plenty of room for building lather. The bowl is 2 inches tall with a diameter of 3.5 inches. The bottom of the bowl is honey combed for quick lathering. The royalshave_30761128425_ohoney combed nubs help create a thick and creamy shave ready lather through resistance and friction. The faster you rotate your brush the quick the it builds. If your accustomed to warm lather that’s also no problem. Since the bowl is ceramic you can submerge it in hot water and let the ceramic heat your lather up creating a warm and luxurious feeling on your skin. The trick to warm and functional lather depends on the consistency before it’s warmed. Keep it on the thicker side before warming it in a ceramic dish. The warm ceramic also creates moisture which can thin the consistency while you are shaving. Warm lather is fantastic and is a great addition to your shaving routine and ritual.

I’ve used a lot of Alum in my time. I like Alum especially for small cuts, a little bit of Alum on a small cut stops the bleeding right away. Thereroyalshave_30658475052_o is a little bit of a sting that goes along with that. If you use Alum on a small cut or scrape right away the bleeding will stop and also prevent inflammation and redness around the affected area. Royal Shave offers an Alum stick with a convenient cover. What I especially like about Royal Shaves Alum stick is that it has a holder on the end of it. This way you are not actually holding the Alum stick with your bare fingers. I like Alum because it doesn’t spoil and it lasts a long time. I was very impressed by the quality of shaving products that Royal Shave sent to me and I think you would be to if you tried them for yourself.

Final Thoughts


What are my final thoughts on the shaving products from RoyalShave.Com? A royal Shave from royal products all the way. The razor and brush stand has a sleek and polished chrome finish that gives this stand a definite shine. The center mast has a nice knurling to prevent it from slipping out of your hands. The bottom of the stand is weighted preventing it from tipping over during usage. The royalshave_30775281775_oPB3 Silvertip Badger Hair shave brush is made out of a high resin Acrylic with a vase shaped handle for a better ergonomic grip. The silvertip bristles are dome shaped at the end to help build lather. The black ceramic bowl with the honey comb bottom will help create thick and creamy lather in a short period of time.The nubs on the bottom of the bowl helps increase friction and resistance that’s perfect for creating lather quickly. The Alum stick with its protective cover is perfect for treating those little tiny cuts and nicks caused from shaving. The Alum also helps prevent irritation and infection. The shaving products from RoyalShave.Com are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your product and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day.


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KC Shave Co.

A fantastic shaving kit for a fantastic shave!


One of the many aspects of wet shaving that I like is putting a shaving routine together. I like choosing all of my shaving products to use for my nightly shave. I think if all possible you should pick items that compliment each other rather than products that just work well together. Products that work well together give you a shavekcshave_28637182283_o that is just ok, but products that compliment each other gives you a shave that makes you say OH YEA!!! when you are finished. I have always been a fan of shaving kits. It’s just something about kits that gets me excited. I think it’s probably from the anticipation of trying different products to see if they work well together or compliment each other. A shaving kit can consist of many options and items it all just depends on your needs and wants. You have the monthly subscription kit that you can sign up for that allows you to try new products every month. There are small shaving kits of soap and shave oil or after shave splash and some times balms. There are also kits that give you several different kinds of soap at one time. The size and contents of shaving kits can change a lot.

I like shaving kits of all sizes but my all time favorite are kits that contain a safety razor, soap, brush and extra blades. These kcshave_29224052796_okits are pretty much a whole shaving routine in a box or bag depending on were the kit comes from. These types of kits are shave ready and chances are you already have the extras it doesn’t come with. Do you absolutely need oils, after shaves and moisturizers? No you don’t, however, all the extras are better for your skin and your shaving routine in the long run. This size kit is the meat and potatoes of your shaving routine and always fun to buy or receive. If you’re into shaving then getting or receiving a kit like this from KC Shave co. will make your mouth water with anticipation.

KC Shave co. sells a  multitude of shaving related products from safety razors to straight razors, brushes and bowls along with shave soap and all of your other shaving needs. I’ve seen KC Shave Co. products around on social media and have always thought they look interesting so I decided that I wanted to try their shaving products for myselkcshave_29258237755_of. I contacted KC Shave Co. and they were quick and friendly with their response and their customer service is great. I think customer service is a key factor to running a successful business no matter what it is. People remember how they are treated and they want to be treated fair and properly. Your customer wants to feel like they are the only one that matters during their interactions with you. KC Shave Co. accomplishes that and so much more. If you have not been to the KC Shave Co. website yet I suggest you do so and have a look around. I’m sure you will find something there that you like or want.

A Classy Shaving Kit For A Classy Shave!


I received in the mail The Wyatt shave kit which is KC Shaves signature shave kit. First off lets talk about the packaging. Each shave kit has a box option to choose from. You can have your kit shipped kcshave_28637209373_oin a standard box or wooden cigar box the choice is up to you. I like shave kits that comes in boxes because the box is reusable. I now use the box that my shave kit came in to hold all of my DE blades for future use. The box was filled with paper shredding to keep all of its contents safe and sound during its travel from point A to B. The Wyatt shave kit contains a black handled butterfly safety razor, an Omega board bristle brush, KC Shave Co. Shave Soap of (Polished Mahogany), a package of 5 Derby double edge safety razors and an informational resert. The Wyatt shave kit is perfect for someone just beginning to learn how to wet shave or even someonekcshave_29224040396_o that has wet shaving experience. This kit has everything to get you started.

The KC Shave Co. signature (Polished Mahogany) shave soap comes in a 4.4 oz round tin. If you don’t have a bowl available there is a small amount of room left in the tin for building a small lather. I decided to use my shave bowl for testing the soaps lathering capabilities. I soaked the soft bristles of the Omega board bristle brush that came with the kit for 15 minutes to open them up. After the 15 minutes was over with the bristles were ready to soak up some lather. I performed a 2 minute rotationkcshave_28635188134_o that started a pre-lather that I transferred into my shave bowl. I then proceeded to rotate my brush turning the pre-lather into a shave ready lather. It didn’t take long for the lather to turn creamy and smooth. The bristles of my new Omega shave brush was already loaded and ready to go with the robust lather that applied evenly with a thick consistency across my Dome and face. The (Polished Mahogany)shave soap contains two of my favorite natural ingredients. Coconut Oil and Glycerin have a lot of the same skin care benefits. Both ingredients kcshave_29150051912_ooffer soothing for dry and irritated skin through moisturization, can help the skin treat psoriasis and eczema, can help treat acne and clear up blackheads. Both ingredients can clean, tighten and tone the skin. Last but not least these natural ingredients can help fight the signs of aging. Now it was time for shaving.

In case you haven’t noticed let me be the first to tell you that I’m a big fan of safety razors. I’ve had my eye on Parker safety razors for quite some time now and was very excited when I found out that I was finally going to get to try a Parker safety razor for myself. The Parker 96R butterfly open safety razor kcshave_29179515481_ohas a long black handle with a graded knurling that feels comfortable in the palm of your hand. It’s not hefty but well balanced allowing nice fluid strokes of the razor across your skin. The Parker 96R is a butterfly open razor meaning the top of the head separates down the middle and both sides open at the same time by turning a dial located on the handle. You then insert the blade into the razor and close the doors locking them in place. The Wyatt kit came with a package of 5 Derby double edge razor bladeskcshave_29258210525_o so that’s the blade I used with the razor during this review.

The Derby razor blades are loved by some and not so loved by others. I think it’s because the Derby blades are more on the milder side of aggressiveness so if you have very tough and coarse facial hair you really have to use a lot of pressure during shaving to get a closer shave. The more pressure you use the more chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks there will be. If your hair is more soft and fine the Derby blades more than likely will serve you well. The hair on my head and face is soft and fine kcshave_28637179893_oso the Derby blades work well for me. The head shave with the Parker 96R was very comfortable. It has a milder blade gap so it took a couple of passes WTG/ATG with some touch up areas to get the baby butt smooth (BBS) end feel I love. Since the Parker 96R is more milder it required more pressure against my skin but did not result in any razor burn, cuts or nicks. The face shave was better since the hair on my face is finer. The Parker 96R did a marvelous job when shaving my face and I even did it in one pass. I really enjoyed reviewing the Wyatt shave kit from KC Shave Co. and you will to once you decide to try it for yourself.

Final Thoughts


What are my final thoughts on the Wyatt shave kit from KC Shave Co.? A classic shave with classy products. The (Polished Mahogany) shave soap provides a nice creamy lather with a great cushion that provides extra comfort during each shave. The bristles of the Omega brush kcshave_29179514351_osoaked up the robust lather and applied it evenly on my skin. The Parker 96R butterfly open safety razor is more on the light weight side but with a well balanced handle providing nice fluid strokes across the surface of my skin. The Derby DE blades that come standard with this kit are mildly aggressive providing a smooth shave. The Wyatt shave kit from KC Shave Co. is a kit that provides you with all the necessary items for a great shave. Try it for yourself, you’re going to love it! The Wyatt shave kit from KC Shave Co. is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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The GoodShave Razor

GoodShave razor gives you a Good Shave!


The shaving industry makes around 13 billion dollars a year. WOW!! that’s a lot of shaving money. That’s also a lot of cartridges too. The problem imagewith big shaving companies is you spend a lot of money on razors every year. Razor companies charge a lot of money for their razors that just get thrown away. That’s a lot of wasted money and a lot of razors just lying around doing nothing. There are a couple of options you can choose.

The first option is to just stop shaving all together by just saying no to the razor and become grizzly adams. You may like this idea and every man is different. Some men don’t want facial hair and some men don’t have the option of not shaving depending on certain situations. Another option is to ditch the cartridge shaving all together and learn the art of wet shaving. Some men imagehave done this and will never look back at cartridge shaving again. Wet shaving is just not for every one. Not every one wants to wet shave or even try to learn how to wet shave, that’s what shaving is all about choices and how you want to shave. The third option is the middle ground and seems to be the option a lot of men are choosing.

Over the last couple of years subscription shaving clubs have emerged to offer you a quality razor at a discounted price. Their gimmick is simple. Pay a monthly service and get razors at a cheaper price everyimage month. It’s a genius idea that many shavers have switched to. That’s exactly what Good Shave is and offers. I found GoodShave .com while searching for razors. What attracted me to was the handle to the razor and the cheapness of their monthly subscriptions for razors. I still practice the art of wet shaving on my face and Dome, but I still use a cartridge as well on my head. After a couple of emails the GoodShave was in my hands giving me a good shave and more bang for my buck. I’m sure once you try the GoodShave razor you will also feel you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

The is a product that goes beyond just having a great razor with a quality shave. GoodShave will donate one razor to a food bank or homeless shelter for every razor bought. A one to one ratio. I think that’s very generous of GoodShave and goes to prove that GoodShave wants to give as much as they get. Providing a food bank or homeless shelter with shaving products is something that hasn’t been done yet. GoodShave is making a positive contribution in other peoples lives that are financially challenged and affording shaving products is not on the list of must haves. GoodShave is definitely a company that I can stand behind and proudly support.

GoodShave comes in three monthly subscription options


I’m a creature of habit when it comes to a lot of things and choosing a razorimage has always been the hardest thing for me to choose. When I first started shaving I found the Mach 3 and was hooked. I was a huge Gillette fan for years and years! faithful toimage Gillette there was nothing better. I tried several razors throughout the years but always went back to the Mach 3. Then I saw a commercial for the Schick Hydro 5 and decided maybe it was time for a change. The Schick Hydro 5 is a 5 blade razor compared to the Mach 3 at 3 razors blades. I instantly was hooked and never went back to the Mach 3. I then saw Schick made a Hydro 5 sensitive and tried those and switched to that right away after the first time trying it. The Hydro 5 Sensitive are still a little cheaper than the rest but a far cry from how financially cheap the GoodShave razors are and still a great quality shave as well.

The difference between GoodShave and other razor monthly subscription services is this. There is no difference in razors or handlesimage it’s all the same, the price is just cheaper by far. You have the choice between a monthly, three-month and six month subscription option. Of course the first option is always the cheapest if you compare a monthly plan to the six month subscription plan, but comparing prices in the long run the six month subscription is the cheapest by far. Your first shipment you get the handle along with 4 razors. Every month you get 4 new razors only. If something happens to the razor handle atimage any time, no problem, GoodShave will replace it for free.

GoodShave will replace the handle at anytime should something happen to it. Once you get the handle ofimage the GoodShave razor in your hand you will quickly realize just how well made and substantial the handle to this razor really is. Lets talk about aesthetics. The handle of the razor is a gray color on top and black on the bottom. The handle is wideimage and flat which is different from the normal cartridge razor which is more roundish. The under belly of the razor is thick at the top end and thins out near the bottom. I really like the shape/width and depth of the razor. these elements help with grip of the razor at all times. At no time of shaving did I lose control or felt like I was losing control of the GoodShave razor. This is comforting to me and gives me a feeling of security with the GoodShave razor. When you have a good sense of security with a razor you are likely to have better shaves. Better shaves with the GoodShave imagerazor is always a good thing! The top of the GoodShave razor handle houses the razor itself. The four blade razor has a comfort strip at the top and a roller at the bottom that prevents the razor from total contact on the skin. This roller does not take away the close shave aspect of this razor. The roller allows a very close shave but prevents a lot of nicks and cuts as well as razor burn. You can actually feel the roller gently rolling on your skin still providing you with a very close shave. The shave on my face was very imageclose and comfortable. The shave on my head was just as close. Using a cartridge razor to shave both your head and face really can dull blades quickly. I got seven days worth of shaving both my head and face with one cartridge. that’s perfect considering every month you get four fresh blades in the mail.

If you just shave your face every day than four new blades a month are going to be more that what you need. If you don’t shave every day than four blades a month are going to add a nice pile of razors in your shaving den. If this starts to happen and you want to hold of on getting more razors in the mail the GoodShave imagehas got you covered. You have the option in the beginning when setting up you account to pay on a monthly basis meaning you can skip a month if you want to. If you sign up for the three and six month subscription and you want to cancel your subscription, that’s no problem with GoodShave. You can cancel at any time with out worries of a cancellation fee. Your shaving plan is really up to you. GoodShave puts you in control the whole time. I think that’s one of the most attractive points of the GoodShave razor plan is that you have almost total control of what you get and when you get it.

Maintenance of the GoodShave razor is just as good as the shave itself!


One of the biggest problems I’ve had with a lot of cartridge razors in the pastimage is keeping the razor itself clean. GoodShave has got that covered as well. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and quick it was with cleaning the razor handle and razor head itself. Usually when I shave with a cartridge imagerazor it doesn’t take long to clog up the space between the razor blades of the razor especially when shaving my head. The hair gets so compacted into the head I wind up beating the razor on the bottom of my sink to get all the hair out. The GoodShave razors razor blades are farther apart making it easy for cleaning all that unwanted hair out of the razor and down the sink where it belongs.

Some of my readers might stop and say, “wait a minute, blades that are farther apart? doesn’t that mean more chance forimage razor burn and those pesky cuts and nicks?” My rebuttal to that is this, Nope…..yes the blades are farther apart from each other but with the roller on the bottom of the razor head itself you still get a close shave but the razor head is slightly elevated meaning less chances of those pesky imperfections you may be susceptible to during shaving. imagecleaning the handle of the GoodShave razor is just as easy. The all black button on top of the razor handle near the top is to release the razorimage head from the handle making replacement nice and easy. The handle is sleek and modern looking without a lot of nooks and crevices to retain hair and old shaving soap or cream. Simply wash the handle off and your done. The replacement razors come in a sealed package that’s very easy to open. GoodShave has really thought of it all.

Final Thoughts


So what are my final thoughts of the GoodShave razor? A good shave from the GoodShave is what you get every time. You can’t go wrong imagewith the razor from the GoodShave. Sometimes simplicity is the spice of life. There are multiple monthly razor subscription plans you can pay to get away from the expensive cost of big razor companies. Most of the monthly subscription plan offer you a different razor for a higher monthly cost. The GoodShave makes it simple for you one great razor that provides a quality shave every time. The bigger the monthly subscription plan you choose the more money you save in the long run. You still get the same amount of razors, the overall price is just cheaper for you. One imagerazor cartridge lasted about seven days with shaving my head and face so like I said four new blades a month is a perfect number for me. The roller located on the bottom of the razor head has a nice comforting feel but does not take away from the quality of each shave. It rather adds quality to your shave preventing total skin contact adding better prevention of razor burn, cuts and nicks. Once you try the GoodShave razor you to will notice just how good the GoodShave razor gives you a good shave. The GoodShave razor is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Have a #Baldtastic day!


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The Razor Company

Get a great shave with a shave box Subscription from the Razor Company.


I think we can all agree that shaving is an expensive part of your daily routine no matter what style of shaving you practice. With Cartridg24130693345_f3ca725487_oe shaving you have the price of razors. With 24130908085_3aed437f11_owet shaving you have the initial cost of a safety razor and brush with bowl as well. No matter what style of shaving you choose you also have the added cost of a shaving cream, gel or soap. Lets face it shaving is expensive. Once you start buying all the extras that can go along with your daily or nightly shave or anytime you shave it can break the bank quickly. Over the past couple of years there has been an increase in 24104724576_693d7598d5_omonthly shave box subscription services pop up all over the internet. The Razor Company is one of those shave box subscription services. Their goal is to provide you with great shaving products at a lower price that still give a quality shave.

On the Razor Company website there is also the option to either buy single products or choose a shave plan to fit your need. Depending on which options you choose depends on when you receive your products in the mail. There is more than one option to choose from and the choice is always yours to just buy the products you want or purchase a shave plan while you are on their website. One of the biggest23502655894_a33d8a9298_o benefits of having a subscription shave plan is that you don’t have to buy shave products from the store or order them online because you are getting them on a monthly basis.

The Razor Company is different compared to most shave box subscription services in a couple of ways. The Razor company offers quality razors to 24048041881_2bba439877_oboth men and woman. For men they also offer a safety razor subscription service for those who want to still practice the art of wet shaving. There are two types of razors when it comes to the cartridge razor option of the shave plan. For men the options are the Triple blade and the Five-O cartridge razors along with the safety razor. For woman the choices are the Five-O for woman and the Smoothie.

This box has quality products that provide a quality shave!


The shave box I received from the Razor Company had shaving products24104631246_90aed3276d_o from both sides of the spectrum to fulfill all of my shaving needs. The box contained one Five-O cartridge razor with six refills, a safety razor with a package of five Astra DE blades an a black badger hair brush with somewhat stiff bristles that will work with either a hard bodied or softer soap. All of these product came nicely packaged in a box. After opening the box there is a glossy letter congratulating you on eliminating the need to visit the shave 24104651306_7863a6a7a1_oisle in the store, What a nice touch! I decided to try the DE safety razor that came with the shave box from the Razor Company first. I shaved with the DE safety razor for one week with the Astra blades that also came standard in the shave box.

The Rco. DE safety razor is a classic three-piece safety razor that’s chrome plated. The razor handle is on the longer side which I like because it gives me more room to handle and maneuver the razor around the harder parts24104682426_763107474c_o of my face and Dome. The handle has a nice knurling on it that gives the handle a nice grip. Even when the handle gets wet there was no slip sliding around in my hand which means least likely to cut or nick my face and Dome. Less slipping and sliding in my hand also means less likely to get razor burn because I can be more precise with the razor. All together the razor is 3.2″ long and weights 102 grams. 24022672382_ececf837c0_oThis is a solid DE razor with heft making each stroke on my Dome and face feel trustworthy and comfortable. Each shave with the Rco. DE safety razor was pleasurable and smooth. My Dome and face felt good after each shave and I felt like I got a very close shave every time. The blade exchange was pretty easy with the head of the safety razor separating in the middle after unscrewing it from the handle. You have to be 24130902125_f93fabb003_overy careful with changing the blade in a DE safety razor. It’s always best to pick the DE blades up with a finger on both ends so you don’t cut your self. The Astra DE blades that came standard with the shave box from the Razor Company did a fantastic job. The Astra DE blades are a mid aggressive blade. I shaved my Dome and face both everyday for seven days with one blade. The shaves seemed to get better the duller the blade got. The Astra blades provided an even smoother shave by the end of day seven.

After seven days with the Rco. DE safety razor it was time to move on to24104586026_f8865fbc4e_o the Five-O cartridge razor. The Five-O cartridge razor is lightweight and has 5 blades on it with a trimmer blade located at the top of the razor and comes in the colors of both green and black. The whole razor has a rubber feel to it and on the bottom of the handle on the 23835064260_d930b83a02_oback side It’s reimbursed with what looks like little rubber nubs. The little rubber nubs gives the handle more of a grip. Just like the Rco. DE safety razor the Five-O cartridge razor has a nice grip to it. There was also no slippage when the handle got23762846059_cccc49aa61_o wet. The cartridge razor sits on a hinge that allows the razor to contour to the shape of your Dome and face. The hinge allows the razor to reach an almost ninety degree angle giving the razor more autonomy for every shave. I did have to use more pressure on my Dome and face because of the lightness of the 24130659815_072a7570fc_orazor. This extra pressure did not pose any concerns or result in cuts/nicks or razor burn. The cartridge was easy to replace by sliding the big black slider 24130740635_d3373db441_olocated on the top of the razor forward releasing the old cartridge razor replacing it with the new razor. I got five to six decent shaves with the Five-O cartridge razor. Just to make sure I didn’t run out of razors for a while my shave box from the Razor Company came with six refills for the Five-O cartridge razor.

Last but not least there was one more item that came in the shave box from the Razor Company that I have grown to love. The Black Badger Hair Shave Brush. The Black Badger Hair Shave Brush 23835240870_a9155594ce_ois a cross between a hard bristled and soft bristled brush that would work well with either a hard or soft-bodied24130891195_921e657f99_o shave soap. The Black Badger hair brush comes with a jet black handle that has a big silver Rco. brand right on the front of it. The bristles of the brush feels great on your skin and after soaking the brush in hot water for a while the bristles bloom like a flower to soak up all that lather you have sitting in your bowl ready for the nightly shave. The Black Badger Hair Brush from the Razor Company is quickly becoming a favorite of mine for my nightly shave.

Final Thoughts


So what are my final thoughts on the shaving products from the Razor Company? Quality shaving products on a monthly 24048093231_bb4b6fa105_obasis that provide 24048237521_bcb809a24a_oa quality shave no matter which method of shaving you prefer. The Rco. DE safety razor has a good heft about it and a longer handle making it a good contender for a quality shave. The knurling is deep giving the long-handled razor a good grip even when soaking wet. The heft makes each stroke substantial and smooth with no worries of skipping across your Dome and face causing disasters24048036561_2e605358ef_o along the way. The Astra DE blades and mid level aggressiveness that gives a better shave the older the blade gets. The Five-O cartridge razor even though lightweight and takes a little more pressure for shaving, gives a great shave for your face and Dome as well. You definitely can’t go wrong with shaving your Dome and face with the Five-O cartridge razor from the Razor Company. The Black Hai23502483364_1b696f4892_or Badger Brush is a nice compliment to a fantastic Rco. DE safety razor. The brushes bristles bloom soaking up the lather and exploding it on your Dome and face with every application. The extra refills for the Five-O is just one way the Razor Company says I know your going to love our razors so here are some extra refills to keep on shaving. I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality of the products from the Razor Company and I can’t wait to see what’s in my next shave box. The Razor Company shave products and box are approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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Colonel Conk Shave Kit

Colonel Conk’s shave kit comes with everything needed for a fantastic shave!


A while back I reviewed some shaving product from Colonel Conk which if you have not read it and you wish to do so you can follow this link to the review I’ve used Colonel Conk’s pre shave oil and after shave balm for a while now with multiple shaves and the one word that comes to mind is fantastic. The pre shave oil Coatesproject_24925276859_o your skin nicely without leaving a greasy residue and the after shave balm soaks into your skin quickly leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

My first safety razor was and still is a Colonel Conk #718 that was gifted to me by Sondre Loberg of Colonel Conk. I’ve had many discussions with Sondre and I consider him to be a friend of mine. I can honestly say he’s a stand up guy with a good head on his shoulders. Colonel Conk is lucky to have him on their team. He told me that I was going to love Head shaving with a safety razor and boy was he right.  I can’t say enough kind words about Sondre and the Colonel Conk products that I’ve used so far. So when it came time to review shave kits Colonel Conk was at the top of my list.

Along with the shave kit from Colonel Conk I also received a couple of bottlesproject_24997425820_o of their after shave balm and pre shave oil from their new natural line of shaving products. I was pretty excited about this. Natural is always a better choice because its better for your skin. There is a myth that if a soap product does not contain tallow that it will be a bad shave every time. I’m here to tell you that I’ve had my fair share of bad shaves from products that contain tallow and products that don’t. In my opinion you can get just as good as a shave if not better from the natural products. The choice is yours. If you haven’t tried the natural products from Colonel Conk I suggest you do so.

The Colonel Conk shave kit is a quality product that delivers a quality shave!


The shaving kit that I received in the mail consisted of one porcelain apothecary shave mug. I like the apothecary style mugs. I know project_25194257410_othere is some talk about the correct way to use one. let’s set the record straight. The correct way is the way you decide to use it. The traditional use of this style mug is to place your shave soap puck in the bottom of the mug and build your lather on top of it. Some shavers don’t like to go this route because the lather turns out to thick every time because your constantly adding soap to your lather. I would agree, your lather is always thick. You can fix this by loading your brush with a thick lather and then run your lather filled brush under a steady stream colonelconkproject_26358477823_oof water to water it down a little bit.

The other potential downfall if you want to call it that is your soap puck gets stuck in the bottom of the mug so if you plan on putting your soap in the bottom of your apothecary mug then you might want to plan on leaving it there. Don’t worry about the extra lather left over, it will dry back into the soap over a period of time. The other way is simply build your pre shave lather in a different mug and then transfer it into your apothecary style mug and continue to build it into a shave ready lather. This is a better solution especially icolonelconkproject_26689423780_of you use a different soap every day. What I do like about apothecary mugs is that they are made out of porcelain to help hold the heat in with your lather. The apothecary style mug also has a handle that is positioned on the side of the mug so you can hold it in place while you’re preparing your lather for your nightly or daily shave.

The apothecary mug that comes standard with the #295 6PC. DE shave kit fits this description to a tee. The black porcelain apothecary mug comes with a handle on the side for control during yourproject_25122317139_o lather building stage of your shave routine. This mug even comes branded with the Colonel Conk name right on the side in white letters making it easy to read. The mug is on the smaller size which is perfect for me especially since I like to keep my lather warm by submerging the porcelain apothecary shave mug half way in a hot bowl of water. The hot water heats the porcelain up keeping your lather warm from the start of your nightlyproject_24859305474_o shave to the end. If you plan on keeping your lather warm you might want to start with the lather a little on the thick side, The heat will change the consistency of the lather. If your lather is to thin then the heat will thin it out evenproject_25199777951_o more.

The black stand that comes with this shave set has a round weighted base for sturdiness. The post that sticks up from the base is long and has a prong on each side at the top of the post. These prongs are meant to hang your shave brush upside down to dry until its time to shave once again. The other prong is where you can hang your safety razor. What I like most about this stand is that you can hang your safety razor upside down or right side up. The mixed badger hair shave brush that comes standard with this shave kit project_25174758202_ohas soft bristles that feels luxurious on your Dome and face. The black plastic handle of this shave brush is solid and feels very substantial while holding it in the palm of your hand. The end of the handle flares out making it easier to hold onto. whether you are building or applying your lather to your Dome and face. The Badger mixed hair shave brush from Colonel Conk is definitely a contender for the only shave brush you will ever need again. After soaking the shave brush from Colonel Conk in hot water the bristles become very soft. The soft bristles of this shave brush soak up the lather and generously apply it to your Dome andproject_25292906385_o face. The more I use this shave brush the more I like it. After hanging upside down to dry over night the bristles bloom out like a flower. The more I use this brush the more the bristles bloom every day. I think a shave brush is a pivotal piece of shaving gear. You have to know which shave brush to use and which brush is more appropriate for the more harder shave soaps compared to the shave soaps on the softer side. Sometimes a hard bristled shave brush works best with the harder soaps to create a creamy and robust lather. The softer bristled shave brush works better with the softer soap. Of course this is just my opinion. The easiest way to find out for your self is to experiment with different brushes and see what works best for you.

You can’t go wrong with a Merkur HD 34C!



One of my favorite features of this shave kit from Colonel Conk is that it comes standard with  a Merkur HD 34C safety razor. In fact Colonel Conk has specific shave kits that come standard with Merkurcolonelconkproject_26358479803_o safety razors. I love Merkur safety razors they are well-balanced and provide a smooth shave with fluid strokes. The Merkur HD 34C safety razor may have a shorter handle but it’s still well-balanced. The head of the razor is a standard full size head giving this razor a beefed up look, this razor has some heft to it. What’s nice about hefty safety razors is that you let the weight of the razor do most of the work for you. The heftiness of the Merkur HD 34C means less pressure needed during your nightly or daily shave. Less pressure means less chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks. Using colonelconkproject_26357465004_oless pressure means less damage done to the skin and face during shaving.

The head shave with the Merkur HD 34C was and still is fantastic. Although that should be no surprise since after all we are talking about the Merkur brand razor. Each shave was the same as the last smooth and comforting with minimal irritation. I shave my head in two to three passes WTG and ATG. I’ve been doing a lot of exploring with different angles and consistencies of lather. I always start each head shave off on the top of my head ATG that starting point workscolonelconkproject_26868756582_o well for me. The Merkur HD 34C started off smooth shaving right away with fluid strokes that were both even and consistent. The razor seemed to dig into the hair on the top of my head right away. it took two passes to get the baby but smooth feel on the top of my head.

After I finish the top of my head I then move onto the side of my head and start shaving from the top to the bottom. The second pass is a little different. I start from back behind the ear with my razor turned upside down and shave in an upward angle dragging the razor across my skin with minimal pressure. I use some colonelconkproject_26868756842_opressure because if not the razor will skip. The third pass is always the hardest, I shave from the bottom up with my razor upside down again with minimal pressure. No matter what angle I used while shaving the sides of my dome, the Merkur HD 34C delivered a great shave every time with no irritation cuts or nicks. Then I moved on to the back of my head to tackle the biggest area. The back of your head has a lot of real estate to cover. I start from the top and shave downward WTG, I then turn my razor upside down and shave upward ATG. The third pass is to clean up any missed spots. Sometimes I have many and sometimes I achieve the baby butt smooth feeling right away. project_25174652912_oI had a few spots that I had to go back and clean up after shaving the back of my head with the Merkur HD 34C. The spots were small and easy to fix. I always try and stay in between a 25-35 degree angle for maximum comfort. Having your razor at the right angle plays a big role on the outcome of each shave. The wrong angle could mean a lot of cuts and nicks or maybe even worse. The right angle can produce a great shave every time. A pack of Merkur brand DE razor blades also comes standard with this shave kit. I enjoyed the shave with the Merkur brand DE blades they provide a smooth shave. I’ve tried several other brands of DE blades with the Merkur HD 34C and each shave was memorable. You just can’t go wrong with a Merkur safety razor.

The glycerin shave soap and natural shave cream provide a fantastic shave with a nice glide!


I’ve used the Colonel Conk pre-shave oil for sometime now and it’s a product I plan on still using for a long time. The pre-shave oil from Colonel Conk contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Oil that helps treat the skin for sunburn and Acne. These ingredients also fight the aging process, lessens the visibility of stretch marks, heals external wounds and bug colonelconkproject_26689420350_obites, lightens blemishes, helps preserve the water content found in the skin, last but not least Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Oil helps moisturize all skin types. The consistency of the pre-shave oil is on the thicker side which I like. I like thick shave oil, I think it adds a lot of value to my shaving routine through lessening the chances of cuts and nicks. Five to ten drops is all I need to generously coat my Dome and face aiding my razor in gliding effortlessly across my skin without irritation. If you are looking for a great pre-shave oil you should try the  Colonel Conk shave oil and judge it for yourself.

What’s the use of a great shaving kit without great shaving soap and cream to go along with it? Before we go any further I want to add that the shaving cream does not come standard with this Colonel Conk shave kit, it was added. I’m going to talk about the natural shaving cream as well because I think it’s a great product. This particular colonelconkproject_26357460094_oshave kit does come with a puck of Glycerin based shave soap. If you are looking for a shave soap or cream that provides an overabundance of lather with a great cushion and a lot of slickness for a comfortable shave then the shave soap and natural shave cream from Colonel Conk has you covered.

The natural shaving cream from Colonel Conk has no artificial colors, dyes or synthetic fragrances. A natural product for a natural shave that doesn’t irritate or dry your skin. The natural shaving creamproject_24925352819_o also does not contain Parabens, Formaldehyde, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Petrolateum, Cocamide Diethanolamine (DEA) and Dyes. Colonel Conk also does not participate in Animal Testing. The natural shaving cream from Colonel Conk is also cruelty free and wheat free, nut free and gluten-free as well. I’ve tried both the Santa Fe Cedar and High Desert Breeze shaving cream from Colonel Conk and they both produce a creamy and robust lather with minimal product needed. The soft and creamy lather clings to your shave brush and applies evenly across your Dome and face. It’s very noticeable right away that the cushion and slickness are there providing a great shavecolonelconkproject_26894441161_o and an even better post shave feel. The only difference between the two shave soaps are the aromas that the Colonel Conk shave creams produce. The Santa Fe Sedar natural shave cream has a very robust Cedar and Rosemary scent that’s very masculine but pleasant to smell. The High Desert Breeze Colonel Conk shave cream contains undertones of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus that once again is faint but pleasant. The only reason why the natural shaving is not all natural is because their shaving cream contains less than one percent of preservatives to keep your product fresh so you can colonelconkproject_26689417300_oenjoy a great shave from Colonel Conk on an every day basis if you wish.

The Bay Rum Colonel Conk glycerin based shave soap contains several ingredients that are good for your skin and add value to your shaving routine every time. Avocado Oil and Vitamin E Oil enhances the skin’s ability to generate collagen. Collagen helps the skin stay firm, smooth and  rejuvenated. The Avocado Oil and Vitamin E oil also moisturize the skin and help treat certain skin Diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. The Avocado Oil and Vitamin E oil also help aid the skin with healing wounds and burnscolonelconkproject_26962927935_o. Avocado Oil and Vitamin E Oil also help heals scars and lighten dark spots under your eyes. The natural ingredients have a lot of positive attributes for your skin. The other ingredient found in the Bay Rum Colonel Conk glycerin based soap is yep you guessed it, glycerin. Glycerin has many benefits such as healing dry and cracked skin, maintaining the deep water content found in your skin, protecting and cleansing your skin as well as nourishing and enhancing your skins appearance while moisturizing to increase your skin suppleness level decreasing the chances of razor burn, cuts and nicks. The natural shaving cream and glycerin based shave soap definitely add value and positive attributes to your shaving routine and skin care regimen. I think the hardest decision you will have to make is which one to use first.

Don’t forget the after shave balm


Along with the shave kit came some additional after shave balm from Colonel Conk. The High Desert Breeze, Rio Grande Lavender and Santa Fe Cedar colonelconkproject_26894442961_oare all after shave balms found in the natural line of shaving products from Colonel Conk. One of the natural ingredients found in these after shave balms is Coconut Oil. Some of the benefits that Coconut Oil has for your skin consist of softening the skin while protecting hydration. Coconut Oil also helps your skin fight Acne, eczema and psoriasis. Coconut Oil has so many skin healing properties it would be hard not to start using only productscolonelconkproject_26894442681_o that contain Coconut Oil. If this is something you have thought about doing you can add Colonel Conk to your list of approved shaving products because the natural line of after shave balms contain Coconut Oil.

The after shave balms from Colonel Conk are thick in consistency and apply smoothly across your Dome and face. Once applied it doesn’t take long to soak into your skin leaving behind a soft and smooth finishcolonelconkproject_26358475713_o. I received the High Desert Breeze Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, Rio Grande Lavender a bold lavender blend, and the Santa Fe Cedar with a Robust Cedar and Rosemary scent. Just like the shaving creams, all three after shave balms from Colonel Conk performed in the same manner of function and had the same outcome as well. The only difference was the aroma. All of the other attributes were the same. The natural after shave balms from Colonel Conk are products I could definitely use every day.

Final Thoughts


So what are my thoughts on the Colonel Conk shave kit #295? A complete shave kit that delivers a quality shave. From top to bottom this Colonel Conk shave kit has you covered with every piece of equipmentproject_24997421060_o needed for a quality shave every time. The black porcelain apothecary style shave mug is just the right size to build a perfect shave ready lather for a perfect shave. The bristles of the mixed badger hair shave brush feels soft and luxurious on you skin. The Merkur HD 34C safety razor that comes standard with this shave kit has some heft to it and is also well-balanced delivering steady fluid strokes while shaving all that unwanted hair away. Don’t let the small size full you. The Merkur HG 34C is a powerhouse that will leave you smiling shave after shave. The weighted  black stand that comes along with this shave set is very sturdy and a perfect place to hang your shave brush and Merkur safety razor project_25489851865_oto dry over night for the next day of shaving.  The Colonel Conk natural line shaving creams and after shave balms provide a great shave with an even better post shave feel that leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated until the next day when it’s time once again for shaving. When you think of Colonel Conk you think of quality shaving products at a quality price that provide a quality shave. Once you try the #295 shave set from Colonel Conk I’m sure you will agree. The #295 DE shave set with Merkur HD 34C safety razor is approved by TheBaldNation for our Bald Nation. Love your products and you will love the results. Thank you and have a #Baldtastic day!


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